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CLAT Leisure (1 Year)

Rs. 75,500

  • 300+ Teaching hours
  • Regular Tests and Post-Test Discussions
  • One-on-One Mentoring Sessions
  • Regular Mock Test Series
  • Access to Legal Spartans Database
  • Access to LJ Navigator+ Progress Monitor
  • Exclusive LJ Worksheets for magical results

CLAT Elan (6 months)

Rs. 55,500

  • 200+ Teaching hours
  • Regular Tests and Post-Test Discussions
  • One-on-One Mentoring Sessions
  • Regular Mock Test Series
  • Access to Legal Spartans Database
  • Access to LJ Navigator+ Progress Monitor
  • Exclusive LJ Worksheets for magical results

CLAT Xpress (2 months)

Rs. 45,500

  • 100+ Teaching hours
  • Regular Tests and Post-Test Discussions
  • Tutorials on Demand
  • Regular Mock Test Series
  • Access to Legal Spartans Database
  • Access to LJ Navigator+ Progress Monitor
  • Exclusive LJ Worksheets for magical results

About Lex Jabot CLAT UG+ Coaching Programs

An initiative of The Inflexion Point (Premier educational institution in Delhi-NCR).

Lex Jabot is an initiative of a dedicated group of seasoned academics with over seven decades of combined academic experience. As you aspire to be an advocate and to wear your well-earned Jabot on your professional collar, your first need is to ace the CLAT exam or the AILET exam for the various national law universities (NLUs). Lex Jabot CLAT UG+ program is presently the best CLAT coaching program in the entire Delhi-NCR area. Keeping in line with your soaring aspirations and your go-getter attitude, the Lex Jabot CLAT Coaching program is exclusively designed to help you have a good shot at the AILET/SLAT exam, the IPU and other such exams besides the CLAT, this is unlike any other CLAT Coaching program available right now. For clearing CLAT with élan, you find Lex Jabot to be your ideal ally. In Lex Jabot CLAT coaching program, we leave nothing to chance. With well-designed CLAT worksheets, CLAT assignments, CLAT mock tests, team Lex Jabot ensures that you cultivate a firm grasp on all CLAT topics and concepts besides peeking at the right time for the exam D-Day. What makes the greatest difference is the unique Lex Jabot CLAT NAVIGATOR.

The NAVIGATOR is your perfect partner when it comes to pacing your CLAT preparations and the best out of the available time. The Lex Jabot NAVIGATOR is a progress monitor, like no other. With this highly innovative Lex Jabot CLAT NAVIGATOR, you get the threefold advantages. First, your CLAT preparation stays well-timed and always on track. Second, you, at all times, remain informed about the relative importance of each CLAT topic so that you don’t end up overdoing some CLAT topics at the cost of ignoring or undermining other CLAT topics – a big and serious problem at other CLAT Coaching Institutes. Third, unlike any other CLAT institute, you get a clear and complete picture of the entire CLAT Coaching program from day one with the Lex Jabot commitment to follow this CLAT progress monitor in a time-bound manner covering all the CLAT topics with enough practice material for ensuring your confidence and ultimate success in the CLAT exam.

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Why Choose Lex Jabot

Subject Experts

At Lex Jabot, we have a dedicated team of subject experts. Every faculty is an expert in his own domain and they train the students as per the requirements of the exam. They not only teach but also guides on one-to-one basis through mentorship programme.

Exam Oriented Life Learning Approach

Lex Jabot follows exam oriented approach with a focus on learning for life so that concepts taught at Lex Jabot remembered by students for their entire life. The CLAT entrance packages are specially designed programs to cater the needs of CLAT aspirants in an effective manner.

Continuous Support

Team Lex Jabot firmly believes in guiding its students with continuous monitoring and mentoring with a view to make them LEARN in-depth concepts, EMPOWER the society with their professionalism and finally to XCEL in the field of law – be it in the Bar or on the Bench, or in the Research or even the Corporate/Consulting sector. With its extensive and intensive teaching experiences, team Lex Jabot has been able to design to a CLAT Coaching program that simultaneously prepares the aspiring students for the 5-year Law courses of various other Universities as well.

Expert Recommendations

What Experts Say About Lex Jabot CLAT Coaching

Advocate Pawan Kaushik

The team at Law Jabot is known to me since my college days and they are highly professional and passionate about their work. They actually do what they say. They are highly disciplined and do their work sincerely.

Sandeep Rathee, Law Officer

Highly reliable team of educationists. Understand the nuances of teaching and help students in learning things in easiest manner. Their navigator program is ultimate which makes students aware of their progress and makes the effective management of time..

Advocate Pradeep Kumar

I really appreciate team Law Jabot as I have known to them since one decade and sure of their success as they believe in hard work with smart work. The Law Jabot team is excellent in their approaches.

Dr. Payal Jain

A great enthuastic team with high dreams for law aspirants, a ladder for success with mulitple opportunities. Here the search ends, a begining of excellent prospects. A very good luck and best wishes always!

Dr. Manish Yadav, Professor, NLU, Nagpur

I know team Lex Jabot personally and strongly recommend the candidates to ace their exam preparation with them to surely achieve the success in CLAT exam.

Dr. D K Sharma

The team Lex Jabot is highly passionate and enthusiastic persons. Their study programme and structure is well designed to cater the needs of the CLAT aspirants. For sure success in CLAT exam, one may believe upon them.

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